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Mass Disaster Attorney

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This type of case usually involves a single event that causes serious injury or death to a number of people. Examples include airplane crashes, building collapses, chemical leaks, factory explosions, and train derailment. As such, all victims generally share the same concerns for proving liability and negligence as normally one event caused all injuries or deaths. In these times of grief, an objective and professional party such as a lawyer is generally better equipped to handle the investigation and any subsequent discussions and negotiations with the negligent party. For additional tips, please view the Victim’s Guide on this page for more suggestions from the Florida Bar on how to prepare and deal with such cases.

Understandably, these cases gather immediate media attention and coverage. Likewise, insurance companies and government officials are usually quick to be on the scene and begin their respective investigation. Your and/or the rights of your family members should be protected at this time. A thorough analysis of the case, the cause of the disaster and all sources of insurance coverage should be examined before any settlement discussions are held.

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